The Luna Troop had its first Chicago performance in 1996. Over the last twenty years, The Luna Troop has stayed true to its founder Sarah Heston’s original vision: To return dancers to dance, nurture developing talent and bring dance to a wider audience. From performing at Millennium celebrations and Shakespeare festivals, to presenting concerts and showcases, The Luna Troop has always sought to make dance accessible to audiences and performers both.

Current and former company member’s ages span five decades and we reject the idea that anyone must give up dance due to age, injury, or career path. The ember of dance may lie hidden under layers of family obligation, school or work demands, or the general static of everyday life; The Luna Troop works to rekindle the flame.

In 2014 The Luna Troop began a secondary mission of performing in as many diverse venues as possible. We have been thrilled to connect with audiences in a salon setting, a boat, a park, a warehouse and various theaters. We look forward to continuing this pursuit as we make room for dance in everyone’s lives.

The Luna Troop Mission Statement:

The Luna Troop is an eclectic mix of individuals who share a singular, and wonderful, commonality: dance. Though disparate in our current careers and life directions, we each have dance rooted in our past, and seek to reconnect with or keep it in our present. To that, The Luna Troop is dedicated to providing an outlet for this creative urge in an otherwise busy world, and further, sharing what we create with others.

Special Thanks:

The Luna Troop would like to thank Le Ballet Petit for providing our rehearsal space. Check them out at http://www.leballetpetit.org/!

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